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Girls Cricket

Headed up by our Girls Coordinator: Elysa Oliveri. 

The Stage 1 competition in the Hornsby area is for girls aged 8-12, played by the U11 rules. It’s a very flexible competition, providing a fun opportunity for first timers, or girls who have outgrown the blast hubs. The age group for this can be flexible, especially if girls want to play with their friends and/or siblings.

This competition is on Friday nights, at 6pm under lights. It is played at Montview Oval, Warrina St, Les Shore Oval, John Purchase Oval and Fred Caterson, using a home and away format. Thornleigh Oval will also be included this year. 

A pink kookaburra softa ball is used, everyone faces a fixed number of balls, and there are no outs - points are just given to the opposition, allowing everyone to have a go at bowling and batting. Gear will be provided from the club.

Stage 1 uses the T20 format, with no finals. The season starts after daylight savings starts (after October school Holiday) and concludes the same time as the regular mixed comp in March.

Girls don’t have to wear whites.


Stage 2 is the next step up, for girls aged 12-14, using U12 rules. This competition is more competitive, using a Kookaburra 142g ball and the playing conditions are the same as the mixed competition U12 rules. In this competition, once you’re out, you’re out. 

The Stage 2 Competition is a T30 format and is likely to be played at John Purchase, Northholm Grammar and other grounds - yet to be finalised. It will be Saturday mornings  (8am to 12:30pm) and at grounds in the HK&HDCA area. This competition runs alongside the regular Mixed Saturday morning comp. This competition will start on the 14/9/2024 and conclude with finals on the 16/3/2025.

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